taking one step ahead in
manufacturing sector

we are manufacturing outsourcing expert.
We work with large companies and expert vendors to provide our clients with best manufacturing solutions.

who we are

Growing in this ambitious engineering industry gaining 3 years of experience we understand each client's unique requirements and provide them with customized services offering spectrum of mechanical outsourcing solutions.

This includes Part procurement dealing with machining work essential for product development and Cad Design, Prototyping, and product management related services to fulfill our clients' diverse business provisions

We have developed a platform that can help you with manufacturing of your products from the comfort of your home. We can handle every aspect of product development including design, prototyping and manufacturing.

Tab One

To provide smooth outsourcing experience in the field of manufacturing. By bringing all the manufacturers under the same platform.

Tab Two

Our mission is to empower manufacturing industries and help them in finding the perfect vendor, for their outsourcing needs.

why choose us

Affordable pricing structure

Hexiqon Solutions offers a pricing model that is fixed for the life of each project, ensuring you will never have to worry about increasing costs

300+ Manufacturing Partners

Hexiqon Solutions is a manufacturing platform that connects 300+ manufacturing vendors. We are redefining the way businesses source and manufacture products

High Quality Products

Hexiqon Solutions is a leading outsourcing service provider for the manufacturing industry. We have an experienced team with years of experience across multiple projects

Quick Turnaround Time

We make sure about the actual lead time will be less, our each production goes from strict protocols so that production time will be less

Production Management

Hexiqon solutions manage all the production process from start to finish. It has been conceived with the aim of making your manufacturing easier, more efficient and enjoyable

Confidentiality And Privacy

We have cloud-based document management and collaboration platform in which your documents, drawings will securely be stored, shared.

our team

Anand Haldive

Empowering businesses to get the gem manufacturing partner for outsourcing. As per time, the system needs to be online and help to scale the small businesses.

Vaibhav Gurav

Our vision and ideas will help us grow together embarking on success. Let’s grow together in the new era of manufacturing and technology together.