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At HEXIQON SOLUTIONS, we are the bridge between imagination and realization. With our two distinct yet complementary businesses – Manufacturing Services and Construction Services – we bring your visions to life, whether it's crafting precision-engineered components or constructing breathtaking structures.

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    Manufacturing Services

    In the realm of Manufacturing Services, we are the artisans, engineers, and innovators who transform raw materials into works of excellence. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled team combine to create high-quality, custom-engineered solutions. Whether you require intricate machining, custom fabrication, or specialized components, we are your partners in precision, quality, and innovation.

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    Construction Services

    In the realm of Construction Services, we are the architects, builders, and visionaries who shape the world around us. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, and industrial construction, delivering projects that inspire and endure. From groundbreaking design concepts to the final finishing touches, we turn your dreams into tangible, extraordinary spaces.

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Work process


We develop the platforms to Outsource manufacturing by building trust within each partner as well both through work processand interaction across boundaries such which includes partnerships built at different levels throughout its organization.





we plan it we perform it and we deliver it this how we work together. We all understand the value in delivering product through a collective work process. This helps us to stay on track and deliver the product on time.


Send Requirement

In the first step, we meet the client and discuss the challenges they are facing
and the project requirements they are looking for.


Get 3 Quotations

Once we have understood the client's requirements, our team lays down a strategic plan to tackle the challenges and provide a solution. We will send you the top three quotations, you just have to select one which will meet your expectations.


Start Production

In this step, we will put the plan to action and implement the project as per the schedule, and assign a dedicated production manager who will give you daily production updates.



Once the final checks are completed, we deliver the final product to the client in a secured way.

about our work

We believe in customer satisfaction and complete transparency
of all the processes that are being carried out.






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Frequently Asked Questions

here we are mentioning frequently asked questions to help you for better understanding of our work.
We welcome all users who have any queries, please feel free to ask

We provide vendors for your manufacturing needs, we divided them into four categories which are machining work, sheet metal, and fabrication, surface coating, designing vendors.

Hexiqon solutions is based in Mumbai and subarbon areas, like navi Mumbai, thane and ambernath.

We will provide you with the quotes of the top 3 vendors nearby your location with Hexiqon’s previous experience with him.

Hexiqon and the vendor who is manufacturing will be responsible for that.